Composite Doors

A beautiful, timeless design combined with a strong and robust structure. Stylish and secure, composite doors are the perfect timber replica.

Authentic & Timeless Design

Exceptionally crafted, composite doors are designed in the likeness of timber but are equipped with all the modern benefits of uPVC technology. This provides a classic yet durable design, making these charming and rustic doors the perfect replacement for wooden doors.

Strong & Robust Materials

The composite door is built using a combination of innovative materials such as uPVC, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic. This clever mix of materials ensures great strength, durability and looks.

Scratch Resistant

Thanks to an outer layer of GRP skin, composite doors are highly resistant to scratches and dents. They require no layers of painting or varnishing and are at no added risk of rotting or warping.

Insulating Foam

An inner layer of insulating foam provides a higher degree of heat insulation which provides superior energy efficiency. These doors will help keep your home comfortable and those energy bills low with their advanced technology and exceptional design.

Weather Tight

Composite doors are completely weather tight, successfully keeping the cold and rain out. You be protected against the harshest of weather conditions with a composite door thanks to their revolutionary design.

High Security

Composite doors a renowned for their high security – they are virtually impossible to break into. Their unique combination of materials and secure locks means you benefit from maximum security.

Front Doors

Make an impact, complement your home and create the perfect first impression with a stunning uPVC front door.

Design Options

There are a multitude of uPVC front door panels to choose from which are all available in a comprehensive selection of colours, styles and designs in order to match the look of your property.

High Security

Our superb range of residential doors come with Yale Lockmaster multipoint locking as standard.

Door Furniture

There are lots of ways of customising your front door with a range of furniture options including: spyholes, letterplates, knockers, numerals, keychains and handles.

Handle Options

Choose between different door handles depending on how you which to secure and access your home. Lever Pads lock the door when closed whereas lever / lever handles require you to lock the door.

Glass Designs

There are a variety of glass options to further customise the look of your front door. From obscured and patterned glass available in a range of designs to georgian and leaded glass; there is plenty to choose from.

Back Doors

uPVC back doors are exceptionally robust, strong and secure providing excellent functionality, practicality and weather-sealing.

Styles and Designs

There are many different panel options, colours and designs to choose from, making it easy to customise your back door in accordance with the style of your property.

Door Furniture

Customise your back door with different door furniture such as letterplates, cat flaps, dog flaps, handles, numerals and much more.

Perfect Fit

uPVC doors are manufactured in various shapes and sizes to ensure that you have no trouble getting the right size and shape to perfectly fit your home.

Versatile and Practical

Back doors are highly functional and specifically designed for constant use. They often come with comprehensive manufacturer guarantees due to their robust build.

High Security

Double glazed back doors can be fitted with high security locking systems, maximising your property’s security, and protecting your family and belongings.

Handle Options

Choose from either a lever / lever handle or a lever / pad depending on the access and security you require. Handles are also available in range of colour options.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors will make a stunning addition to your property with their super sleek sightlines and contemporary aesthetics.

Super Slim Sightlines

The bi-folding door offers less uPVC and more glass-not only does this give way to a more attractive looking door, it also allows you to enjoy wide spread views and lots of natural light. Concealed hardware further enhances a super sleek look.

Bring The Outside In

Bring the outside in with bi-fold doors and turn your indoor space into a gateway to the outside. Whether bi-folding doors are opened or closed, they maximise your light and views of your garden or patio – transforming dark rooms into a light and airy space.

A Seamless Entrance

Bi-fold doors are a superb way to open up you home and enhance living space. These doors fold back to inches of opening, providing you with a beautiful seamless entrance between rooms or between home and garden.

Modern Aesthetics

A quality set of bi-folding doors will enhance any property with their slick and modern style. They provide greater visibility with their minimalistic design, providing you with a very contemporary design ideal for modern properties as well as commercial builds.

Flexible Design

These doors can either be fully or partially opened to improve airflow in a room and keep space well ventilated. This increased flexibility is down to their concertina mechanism which allows them to horizontally slide away to edges of the room.

Smooth Running

The bi-fold door operates on a smooth roller track for effortless gliding. This provides ease of transition, allowing you to slide these doors back and forth in a simple, swift action. These doors are ideal for those that require constant access to their garden.

Stable Doors

These country style doors are hugely versatile, providing classic good looks and superb functionality. Read more about stable doors.


The multi-functional stable door allows you to open two sections of the door independently from one another, as well as opening as a whole. This unique functionality makes the uPVC stable door highly versatile.

Secure Ventilation

Due to the versatile opening arrangement, you can keep children and pets safe whilst still ventilating the home. Keep the bottom door closed and top section open to allow for safe and effective ventilation.

Low Thresholds

Stable doors come with the option of low thresholds, making them compliant to Building Regulations Part M. This additional option provides easier access for prams or wheelchairs, making it a breeze to pass in and out of your room.

Strong & Secure

Many uPVC stable doors have a core galvanised steel making them extremely hard to break into. They are stronger than traditional wooden doors because they are anti-crowbar, providing an exceptional level of security.

Energy Efficient

An advanced uPVC profile means these doors incredible insulators. uPVC stable doors are very energy efficient and will keep your home warm and comfortable all year round thanks to their modern design.

Classic Design

Stable doors are a classic and charming alternative to standard back doors. They offer a beautiful country-style aesthetic and are available in authentic wood grain finishes to complete the look. A stable door looks fantastic coupled with traditional properties but can equally add a touch of class to the modern home.

French Doors

Add continental flair to your property and connect your home to your garden with a practical and elegant set of uPVC French doors.

uPVC Colours

uPVC French doors are available in a wide range of colour options for you to choose from. These include: white, wood-effects as well as a comprehensive selection of colour foils designed to complement your home.

French Doors Sizes

You can have French doors in a variety of sizes to fit most apertures in properties. Most commonly standard French door widths start around 1050mm and go up to 2100mm with heights reaching up to 2200mm.

French Door Locks

French Doors security depend on the type of lock installed by the supplier and their specific hardware. Most commonly you can choose between a multi-point high security locking system and a standard roller lock.

Blinds for French Doors

You also have the option of installing internal blinds for French doors in a wide variety of styles such as venetian, roller and pleated. These are particularly popular for use in conservatories and orangeries.

Glazing Options

There are many glazing options to choose from when considering French doors, such as: fully glazed, glazed with a mid-rail, part glazed with a plain panel, part glazed with a moulded panel or obscured glass if you are after extra privacy.

Versatility and Functionality

French doors have exceptional aesthetic qualities but are also very functional. If you are a family who have frequent gatherings and summer BBQs then these doors will provide you with easy access to your garden.

Patio Doors

Increase accessibility in your home whilst letting in large amounts of natural light with stylish and secure uPVC sliding Patio Doors.

Practical and Attractive

uPVC patio doors are a practical, attractive and affordable home improvement. Patio doors are extremely versatile, as these doors occupy far less internal room space than hinged doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors offer a large doorway making it easier for carrying big items in and out of your property. They have no swinging hinges, and instead operate by sliding upon a rail with Patio door rollers creating an expansive width.

Patio Door Locks

Patio door security options include multi-point locking systems to prevent intruders breaking into your home. Most Patio doors are also internally glazed to further improve the security of your property.

Patio Door Styles

Patio doors are available in numerous styles to match the look of your property. Popular designs include bi-folding, sliding and French patio doors.

Low Level Thresholds

Low level thresholds and ramps are available for Patio doors, ideal for wheelchair access accommodating a variety of wheelchair widths.